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Citizens' level of trust in the judicial system has not changed significantly in 2014 and remained on a medium level
Citizens' level of trust in the Higher Education system and in researchers in 2014 is modest-high and in continuous rise over the decade.
Citizens' level of trust in the healthcare system and in public hospitals in 2014 is modest and has decreased comparing with last year
Citizens' trust in the IDF and in the other secret services in 2014 is very high and reached its peak since 2001
Citizens' level of satisfaction with local government has increased in 2014 and is now in the highest level since 2001
Citizens' level of trust in the parliament has decreased in 2014, comparing with previous year
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The Center for Public Management and Policy (CPMP) was established in 2004 in order to discuss questions related with the proper management of public agencies, governmental ministries and public organizations as well as quasi-governmental organizations. We aim at better understanding various mechanisms and processes related with the performance of the Israeli public sector and public sectors around the globe.We hope to contribute to the development of new managerial tools, innovative ideas about policy determination, modern policy making procedures, as well as good administrative solutions to public concerns. We encourage studies about policy making in modern democracies, better knowledge about state auditing and local government administration, and public employees attitudes, behaviors and services to the community. The center is collaborates with national institutions to advance initiatives related with modern reforms and renewal of the Israeli public sector by participation in advisory boards and suggestion of new policy programs. The center encourages authentic citizenship involvement in government activities at the national and at the local levels and promotes interdisciplinary research papers and empirical studies for both basic knowledge and applied studies. We are especially interested in better engagement of knowledge from other disciplines such as social science, humanities, law, natural science, technology, engineering, and education. 

Dr. Nissim Cohen is the head of the Center for Public Management & Policy (CPMP) at the University of Haifa. His research interest and teaching fields are: Public Policy, Public Administration, Political Economy, Welfare State,  Social Policy and Health Policy. 


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